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Realizing Your Potential

Who me? I could never do what Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Warren Buffett do. As much as I would like to own a business, I don’t have the time or money. Sound familiar?

I’m certain we’ve all heard these sentiments from family and friends or maybe you’ve felt this exact way yourself. Unfortunately, most ideas and dreams never become reality because of the limitations we build around ourselves. I can’t, I don’t have, I don’t know how...when in essence we have all that we need to be just as successful as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffett. As a matter of fact, we all start with the same thing - an idea or desire. The difference is what you do with that idea.

We’re all born with a reservoir of ideas, dreams and potential. It’s just a matter of recognizing and releasing that potential. Anything you can conceive you can achieve. The key is believing that you can and committing to it. God has deposited an incredible gift on the inside of you and it’s your responsibility to open it for the world to enjoy. Some of us are fortunate to have parents who recognize the gift and potential in their children. These are the parents who invest major time in grooming and preparing their child for success.

A great example is Tiger Woods. Woods learned to play golf as a child. His father, Earl, served as his teacher and mentor. At an early age, Woods became extremely proficient at the game. By the age of nine he was showing off his skills on television and winning junior golf tournaments, as well as proclaiming his destiny. He actually stated that he would win the Masters Golf Tournament. Not only did he win, he was the youngest and first African American to win the Masters in1997. Tiger Wood’s early success was due to recognizing and maximizing the gift that God had placed on the inside of him, as well as, preparation and proclamation. Tiger Woods is just one example, there are many, many more. Maybe you’re on your way to fulfilling your life’s mission or maybe you’re not quite sure what your purpose in life is. If the latter is true, don’t despair as long as you have breath you have the opportunity to find out…..Why not start today?


  1. Purchase a journal

  2. List your strongest desires or dreams

  3. Visualize yourself doing it

  4. Believe with all your heart you can do it

  5. Proclaim that you will accomplish your goal

  6. Set a time line with short term and long term goals

  7. Gather pertinent information about your goal

  8. Stay focused; align your thoughts, and conversation

  9. Pray for consistency ask God to reveal all your hidden potential and true purpose in life

  10. Listen for God's instruction, guidance and direction constantly

  11. Associate with positive reinforcement

  12. Never quit, never give up, remain relentless

  13. Be a Finisher and a Winner

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