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Moments with the Lord - 21 Day Transformational Journal

  • Each day, you have two choices: begin your day focusing on the struggles and difficulties of life or be grateful for each day of life, realizing that someone did not wake up this morning. Each morning, God blesses us with brand-new mercies. His mercy is his unmerited favor. God has blessed you with his favor today. What are you going to do with it?

    Take a moment, and think about it. The Almighty God personally customizes blessings to meet the needs of your day. Are you making each moment count?

    This twenty-one-day transformational journal is designed to keep you focused on and grateful for the many benefits and blessings God is giving you daily. It is designed for you to captivate moments of insight, guidance, wisdom, and inspiration from the Holy Spirit, who dwells inside you.

    It is beautifully designed with ten encouraging devotions to prepare and motivate you to go to the next level with God.

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