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EMPOWERED TO LEAD: Determined to Succeed

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Do you need to jumpstart your dreams, vision, or goals? Just like your car battery needs a jump every now and then; our lives, at times, require a jumpstart or a little encouragement and motivation. EMPOWERED TO LEAD; Determined to Succeed is a quick read that will give you the motivation to re-charge your dreams. God created you for a specific assignment. He uniquely designed you and placed divine gifts and talents in you that no one else possesses. God has invested more than you can ever imagine on the inside of you to fulfill His will on earth; however, you have a role to play. You and only you have the responsibility of releasing your faith and activating your gifts and talents. The Bible reminds us “that faith without works is dead.” EMPOWERED TO LEAD was created to awaken your faith, jumpstart your dream, and succeed in the assignment God has given you. Take control of your destiny by learning the seven principles to succeed at your goals. Take the first step today, stay focused, and be determined to fulfill your assignment and purpose on earth!

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